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The house remains to this day and is so lovely it's a major tourist attraction and is being used this month for the filming of her extraordinary story.The teenage Anne, already fed up with her bourgeois parents,became the ward of a much more broad-minded married uncle and aunt. Dark and masculine-looking with a deep voice, she was easily bored with the humdrum round of tea parties and frilly frocks.These include her courtship of a rich heiress which ended in a very modern same-sex union. Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 1791, she was the daughter of a soldier who served in the American War of Independence; her mother was a farmer's daughter from East Riding.

The pair embarked on a passionate affair, leading to a smattering of 'Xs' being recorded in the diary.

She set out blatantly to seduce her targets, noting her successes and her disappointments in a diary in the most salacious detail, even down to the number of sexual climaxes she experienced.

Indeed, she marked the pages with an 'X' whenever she had one.

The remarkable Anne Lister filled 27 volumes with such experiences, yet few people have ever heard of her.

Well aware of the shocking content of her diaries, she deliberately disguised many of the more provocative entries in an almost impenetrable code, which looked similar to ancient hieroglyphs.

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